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Ergonomically Designed Comfort Footwear

The WALK THE WALK shoe is the ultimate in comfort. Extensive research has been done to design a shoe to soften the shock normally imposed on the longirudinal and transverse arches when standing or walking for long periods of time. The unique footbed is made to give your feet the room to expand as they swell throughout the day as well as extra support and uniform weight distribution. The non-skid sole design on this washable shoe also gives a massaging sensation (acupressure) while protecting the sping and joints. The soft, flexible, memory-retaining, polyurethane insole is washable, comfortable and replaceable.

This shoe was originally designed for surgeons, allowing them to stand all day without having their feet/legs cramp or hurt and eliminating low back pain associated with standing. They have since been adopted by chefs, hair stylists, nurses, massage therapists, teachers, restaurant staff, dog groomers, boating enthusiasts (they float) and the general public. Great for walking, for pleasure or exercise year-round. Marathon runners wear them when not running. We have received many testimonials in regard to how they take away pain and shorten the recovery time before resuming training.

Approved and recommended by Podiatrists.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Wash shoe and insoles in warm water with a mild soap.
  • Any cleaning product that contains bleach, harsh abrasives or industrial cleaning agents may cause damage or color change.
  • Air dry.

Walk the Walk shoes are made in the USA

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