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CBD and ME

About a year ago I was playing tennis with my friend Jeff and lost the match. He has never beat me in 12 years. After the match I asked Jeff what happened. He told me he is no longer diabetic, has no pain and sleeps well at night. What brought this about? He told me CBD oil and gave me a run down.

I am 74 years old. My knees have no cartilage, they crunch and grind and it hurts to get off the toilet or a chair. My hips are shot and even taking
800mg of ibuprofen twice a day to get thru the day, I still hurt.

I started investigating CDB oil buying various products on the internet. While I seemed to get some relief I was still suffering and my tennis was not improving. Many of the oils I bought were terrible tasting and seemed to have little effect.

Fast forward, I came to realize that the more highly concentrated the oils and adjusting the intake I was getting more pain relief.

Today I have no pain (taking one dropper of our Extra Strong 15% CDB 1500mg twice a day). Playing tennis well (no ibuprofen). When I go to bed
at night I get in bed and don’t have to try and find a comfortable spot and when I go to the bathroom I get back in bed and go to sleep without pain. 
Life is good.

My wife Florence has arthritis in her knees and shoulders but with CBD oil she has more flexibility without pain and sleeps well. She also had restless leg syndrome which has disappeared.

My daughter Tiffany quit smoking after 25 years, cold turkey without anxiety or desire.

My daughter Heather who is a C2 quadriplegic on life support lives with us. She has severe nerve pain and muscle spasms. With CBD oil they are 
greatly reduced.

You have a feeling of well being and reduced anxiety. Improved consistency of stools both in people and Suki.

Our dog Suki is twelve years old and has severe arthritis in her hips and could hardly move. We put her on CBD oil and she walks with us again, plays with her younger brother Hachi who is only two and can jump on the couch all by her self.

Our Walk the Walk Shoes & Sandals work on reflexology and take away pain and enhance circulation.  With a combination of our sandals and shoes and CBD OIL, how can you go wrong!

Because we care we decided to offer this wonderful product "CBD Oil" to our loyal customers. 

Suki age 2 Hatachi age 2 suki and Hatachi age 12 and 2
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